Learn to Salsa!

learn to salsa

Are you interested in building your confidence, finding your inner sensuality, and adding spice to your life?  If you answered, “Yes”, then one avenue you may wish to investigate is Salsa dancing!

Salsa music is infectious and the dance moves are flowing, rhythmic, and smooth.  Salsa is a dance known by many, which can be performed all over the country.  One can find Salsa dance “socials” in cities throughout the U.S.  People dance the salsa in nightclubs, bars, ballrooms, exercise classes, or in their own homes.

Many large cities, worldwide, even host Salsa competitions and conferences.  In these environments, people share different Salsa techniques, dance moves, music varieties, and other passions pertaining to the Salsa dance.  If you have an interest, many such competitions can be found online or in your local newspaper.

One can even find Salsa “how to” videos and exhibitions on-line, especially on sites such as YouTube.  Also, there are several mobile apps available.  A few of the apps are: Salsa Anywhere, Pocket Salsa, and Salsa Dancing- Learn to Dance.  If you prefer to study Salsa dance moves from books, there are also several of these available.  One example is a book called, “Let’s Dance!” by Paul Bottomer.  There is a wide array of places to learn this beautiful dance.

In order to become a Salsa enthusiast, you only need room to move, Salsa music, and comfortable clothes.  The clothes of a Salsa dancer are usually form fitting, in order to provide the dancers with the optimal amount of movement.  Since the dancer is constantly turning and moving, it is important that their clothes fit well.  In this case, the dancer will not need to worry about their clothes malfunctioning and can concentrate just on the dance and having fun.  Salsa clothes range from the very simple to the beautifully embellished, glitzy clothes.  One has the options to create a multitude of styles on the dance floor.

For the sincere Salsa enthusiast – local, regional, national, and international competitions are held routinely.  If your skills on the dance floor lead you to the Salsa competitive arenas, then you could be awarded with thousands of dollars.  Significant prizes await those that are most skilled with their dance techniques.

Whatever your purpose for dancing the Salsa, whether as a hobby, career, or somewhere in between; enjoy the ride as this infectious music and energetic dance provide spice and excitement to your life.