Feel the Music

Salsa dancing is a very popular phenomenon that has a particular beat and sound associated with it.  The music that inspires Salsa dancers is rhythmic, upbeat, and spicy.  “Salsa” is described as a type of Latin American dance music that incorporates the elements of jazz and rock music.  The tempo is quick, with an average range of 150-250 beats per minute.  Although the music is fast paced, the Salsa dance moves are usually performed in steps of about 160-220 beats per minute.  In contrast, even though the typical Salsa dance is quite fast, there is a wide range of tempos available.  There are slower, medium, and very fast song options, too.

There are many famous musicians that inspire the sounds of Salsa music.  Some of them include Dizzie Gillespie, Tito Puente, Willie Colon, and Marc Anthony.  Even if you don’t understand the lyrics of some Salsa music, it is difficult not to let the sounds of this music drift into your heart and let your body move to the groove.  One particularly good song to listen to, as a beginner Salsa dancer is “Yamulemau”, by Joe Arroyo.  In this song, the tempo is upbeat, but it is very steady and consistent throughout its’ entirety.

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