A Great Workout

dance class

Are you interested in exercise, losing weight, working on flexibility, coordination, or just looking for an exciting workout?  Are you interested in going to a gym or trying something new in your own living room?  If you answered, “yes” to either of these questions, then look no further!  Salsa dancing may be your answer.

Across the country, Salsa dancing is becoming a popular option of healthcare and weight management.  Many gyms and fitness centers are offering classes in Salsa dancing.  Classes typically last for about an hour and are available in beginner, intermediate, or expert levels.  The Salsa routines can be performed either with a partner or alone.  If you are interested in dancing with a partner, but don’t know of anyone interested in this type of dance, many programs have people involved that are also looking for a dance partner.  You could check it out, if interested.

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