Feel the Electricity!

Dancing is one of the best forms of physical activity a person can do in order to improve their well-being.  Along with the obvious physical benefits such as strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, and weight control; there are also mental, emotional, and social benefits.  For these reasons, dancing has survived many, many generations of longevity, as one of the most important forms of exercise. 

One dance that is particularly good for one’s well-being is the Salsa.  Salsa dancing is, usually, a very fast paced, energetic, intense dance.  It is a dance that is most often performed with a partner; however, there are many moves one can do to practice the Salsa completely alone.  For those who don’t always want the fast pace of the traditional Salsa, there are also Salsa dances that are slow, romantic, and rhythmic.  The Salsa can be as simple or as complicated as one desires.  This will usually depend on the speed and the variety of moves in a particular dance.  Anyone can do the Salsa, even the uncoordinated electrician in Birmingham, AL, who doesn’t think he can do the dance.  The only requirements are interest, zest, and ability to move. 

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