All About Salsa

We’ve had a lot going on lately so I haven’t had the time to post anything in awhile.  Let’s talk about food!

Salsa is an extremely versatile food.   It can be served warm, cool, bland, spicy, chunky or pureed.  Salsa comes in a variety of textures and colors.  It can be purchased in a grocery store or homemade in your own kitchen.  Salsa can be eaten by itself or it can complement a plethora of foods.  Salsa is considered to be quite an amazing food.

In the United States, salsa is usually served as a condiment.  Quite often, it plays the sidekick role to a heaping plate of nachos.  It is also served with egg dishes regularly.  However, the creativity does not stop there when one decides how else to serve salsa. 

Salsa is decadent when served as a “sauce” covering tender pieces of beef or chicken.  Salsa practically glides over Latin American dishes such as burritos, quesadillas, tacos, or enchiladas.  Salsa enhances the flavor of any fish dinner, and is also wonderful served with crusty breads.

All of these options are relatively popular dishes that are good served with salsa, but let’s think of some more creative dishes.  Have you ever tried salsa served with grits?  If you are unfamiliar with grits, they are primarily served in the southern parts of the U.S., and they are usually served as a savory breakfast dish; however, they are sometimes served for dinner, as well.  Grits consist of ground corn that is very coarse in texture.  They are boiled to the point that they saturate all of the water in the pan.  They are quite yummy when mixed with a dollop of butter, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and topped with your favorite salsa.

Another creative idea is to serve salsa as a spread, such as on a deli sandwich or as a topping for a hamburger.  Salsa that is created as a mix of tomatoes, onion, and peppers work beautifully on top of either option.

Salsa is quite divine when used in soups.  One delicious recipe for chicken tortilla soup requires the addition of salsa.  Here is the recipe, in case you would like to treat your taste buds to something wonderful.

  • Cook 2 boneless chicken breasts in 4 cups chicken broth

  • Add 2 cups salsa, containing tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers, and garlic

  • Add small can of black beans

  • Cook all ingredients on low for 30 minutes

  • Serve in soup bowls

  • Top soup with crumbled tortilla chips, lime juice, sliced avocado, and fresh cilantro

Perhaps another way you may wish to try to serve salsa is in mixed drinks.  Replace ingredients that call for tomato juice with fresh, pureed salsa to create a one-of-a-kind fabulous drink.  Your guests will be pleasantly pleased with the interesting concoction you’ve mixed.

Salsa can be used in so many different recipes and is available in so many varieties.  All that is needed is a bit of creativity and knowledge about which salsa to pair with which foods.  The options are bountiful with all of the dishes and drinks that you can create.