A Great Workout

dance class

Are you interested in exercise, losing weight, working on flexibility, coordination, or just looking for an exciting workout?  Are you interested in going to a gym or trying something new in your own living room?  If you answered, “yes” to either of these questions, then look no further!  Salsa dancing may be your answer.

Across the country, Salsa dancing is becoming a popular option of healthcare and weight management.  Many gyms and fitness centers are offering classes in Salsa dancing.  Classes typically last for about an hour and are available in beginner, intermediate, or expert levels.  The Salsa routines can be performed either with a partner or alone.  If you are interested in dancing with a partner, but don’t know of anyone interested in this type of dance, many programs have people involved that are also looking for a dance partner.  You could check it out, if interested.

Salsa dancing is becoming very popular in the U.S. due to the explosion of reality television shows that glamorize well-known dances, and to the national sweep on the importance of exercise and weight loss.  Salsa dancing provides a fun and energetic option of exercising.  The Salsa music that is played while performing the Salsa dance is upbeat and infectious.  It is difficult to remain still while the rhythmic music is playing.

Salsa routines can provide you with a full body workout.  Every muscle from your arms, legs, torso, and heart can feel the effects.  It is very important to obtain a strong core, as you age, in order to prevent back or hip problems.  The Salsa dance is a great workout for your core because the dance moves are mainly in the hips with the upper body remaining relatively straight and stable.  This isn’t necessarily an easy move to learn, but once it is mastered, the movement of just the hips helps to build very strong core muscles and lots of coordination.

Salsa dancing also helps you with flexibility and balance.  These are very important qualities to maintain throughout life.  Having good balance and flexibility will help prevent falls, muscle strains, and broken bones.  All of these issues can cause extensive life disruptions.  Salsa dancing encompasses the strength of your entire body, and can be used as a preventative maintenance form of living. 

Salsa dancing also gives you a really good cardiovascular workout.  Constant movement and upbeat rhythm provide for a high-quality aerobic workout, but due to the excitement of the dance, it is also fun.  It is a good way to get exercise without the dreaded thought of “having to exercise.”  When the music starts, you don’t even notice time passing as you keep up with the motions and the beats.  Your arms get a workout with the arm movements that are required, your legs get a workout from the foot patterns, and your heart is working to keep up with your body.

All in all, Salsa dancing is a fun, energetic form of exercise.  It’s easy to get started because, with some research, you can probably find a class to participate in, or you can find many lessons on the internet if you’d like to try it at home.  You don’t need any expensive equipment to get started, either.  All you need is good, supportive shoes, flexible clothing, and an energetic spirit.

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