A Great Workout

dance class

Are you interested in exercise, losing weight, working on flexibility, coordination, or just looking for an exciting workout?  Are you interested in going to a gym or trying something new in your own living room?  If you answered, “yes” to either of these questions, then look no further!  Salsa dancing may be your answer.

Across the country, Salsa dancing is becoming a popular option of healthcare and weight management.  Many gyms and fitness centers are offering classes in Salsa dancing.  Classes typically last for about an hour and are available in beginner, intermediate, or expert levels.  The Salsa routines can be performed either with a partner or alone.  If you are interested in dancing with a partner, but don’t know of anyone interested in this type of dance, many programs have people involved that are also looking for a dance partner.  You could check it out, if interested.

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A Garden Fit for Salsa

vegetable garden

I believe I mentioned that we recently moved to Birmingham, Alabama.  It’s really beautiful here, and the climate is nice.  Once we settled into our new home, we decided it was time to spruce up the yard a bit, so I searched for the best landscaping company Birmingham AL had to offer.

When the guys first arrived, we really weren’t sure what we wanted to do with the yard.  It was hard for us to imagine the possibilities available, because the yard had not been tended to properly for quite a long time.  Weeds were growing rampantly and the trees were very overgrown.  Thankfully, Joe and his crew had a lot of experience and gave us some incredible ideas.

The first thing we needed to do was to cut down two dead trees and do some trimming on a couple of others.  We also had to pull weeds out of the flowerbeds.  I was able to do a lot of that work myself in order to cut down on some of the expenses.  After about a week, the yard was really shaping up and it looked so much clearer.  I was starting to get a vision.

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More Facts About Salsa

homemade salsa

Salsa might not cross your thoughts very often, but we have both put a lot of thought into it over the years and have some very interesting things to share with you about it.

Salsa literally means “sauce”.  It originated as far back as the Aztec civilization.  Over the past few decades, Americans have been introduced to a massive variety of salsa recipes.  Salsa is very healthy and adds an immense amount of flavor to numerous meals. 

In the grocery stores, one can find multiple varieties of salsa on the shelves.  Just recently, I discovered this as I perused the aisles.  There was everything from peach salsa, roasted garlic, chili pepper, black bean and corn, chipotle, pineapple, and mango salsa.  The salsas are available in a large range of spiciness, also.  There was mild, medium, hot, and fiery salsa on the shelf.  There are also a multitude of companies that make salsa.

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All About Salsa

We’ve had a lot going on lately so I haven’t had the time to post anything in awhile.  Let’s talk about food!

Salsa is an extremely versatile food.   It can be served warm, cool, bland, spicy, chunky or pureed.  Salsa comes in a variety of textures and colors.  It can be purchased in a grocery store or homemade in your own kitchen.  Salsa can be eaten by itself or it can complement a plethora of foods.  Salsa is considered to be quite an amazing food.

In the United States, salsa is usually served as a condiment.  Quite often, it plays the sidekick role to a heaping plate of nachos.  It is also served with egg dishes regularly.  However, the creativity does not stop there when one decides how else to serve salsa. 

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Learn to Salsa!

learn to salsa

Are you interested in building your confidence, finding your inner sensuality, and adding spice to your life?  If you answered, “Yes”, then one avenue you may wish to investigate is Salsa dancing!

Salsa music is infectious and the dance moves are flowing, rhythmic, and smooth.  Salsa is a dance known by many, which can be performed all over the country.  One can find Salsa dance “socials” in cities throughout the U.S.  People dance the salsa in nightclubs, bars, ballrooms, exercise classes, or in their own homes.

Many large cities, worldwide, even host Salsa competitions and conferences.  In these environments, people share different Salsa techniques, dance moves, music varieties, and other passions pertaining to the Salsa dance.  If you have an interest, many such competitions can be found online or in your local newspaper.

One can even find Salsa “how to” videos and exhibitions on-line, especially on sites such as YouTube.  Also, there are several mobile apps available.  A few of the apps are: Salsa Anywhere, Pocket Salsa, and Salsa Dancing- Learn to Dance.  If you prefer to study Salsa dance moves from books, there are also several of these available.  One example is a book called, “Let’s Dance!” by Paul Bottomer.  There is a wide array of places to learn this beautiful dance.

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Feel the Electricity!

Dancing is one of the best forms of physical activity a person can do in order to improve their well-being.  Along with the obvious physical benefits such as strength, endurance, cardiovascular health, and weight control; there are also mental, emotional, and social benefits.  For these reasons, dancing has survived many, many generations of longevity, as one of the most important forms of exercise. 

One dance that is particularly good for one’s well-being is the Salsa.  Salsa dancing is, usually, a very fast paced, energetic, intense dance.  It is a dance that is most often performed with a partner; however, there are many moves one can do to practice the Salsa completely alone.  For those who don’t always want the fast pace of the traditional Salsa, there are also Salsa dances that are slow, romantic, and rhythmic.  The Salsa can be as simple or as complicated as one desires.  This will usually depend on the speed and the variety of moves in a particular dance.  Anyone can do the Salsa, even the uncoordinated electrician in Birmingham, AL, who doesn’t think he can do the dance.  The only requirements are interest, zest, and ability to move. 

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Feel the Music

Salsa dancing is a very popular phenomenon that has a particular beat and sound associated with it.  The music that inspires Salsa dancers is rhythmic, upbeat, and spicy.  “Salsa” is described as a type of Latin American dance music that incorporates the elements of jazz and rock music.  The tempo is quick, with an average range of 150-250 beats per minute.  Although the music is fast paced, the Salsa dance moves are usually performed in steps of about 160-220 beats per minute.  In contrast, even though the typical Salsa dance is quite fast, there is a wide range of tempos available.  There are slower, medium, and very fast song options, too.

There are many famous musicians that inspire the sounds of Salsa music.  Some of them include Dizzie Gillespie, Tito Puente, Willie Colon, and Marc Anthony.  Even if you don’t understand the lyrics of some Salsa music, it is difficult not to let the sounds of this music drift into your heart and let your body move to the groove.  One particularly good song to listen to, as a beginner Salsa dancer is “Yamulemau”, by Joe Arroyo.  In this song, the tempo is upbeat, but it is very steady and consistent throughout its’ entirety.

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What is Salsa?

salsa dance

A very famous television celebrity, Oprah Winfrey, once said, “Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance”.  Around the world, dancing is an activity that people do for entertainment, exercise, mental relief, and emotional joy.  Many people just enjoy the pure happiness of dancing around to music. Dancing, in many ways, gives individual people a chance to express who they are and how they feel at a particular moment in time. 

There are so many different types of dances.  For example, there is the Rumba, the Waltz, the Tango, the Cha-Cha-Cha, the Quickstep, and The Jive.  One dance, in particular, is famous for making people feel alive, vibrant, and sexy.  This dance is called the Salsa. 

Most people say that the Salsa dance originated in Cuba.  The dance was accompanied with the fast-paced, rhythmic sounds of Cuban musicians.  The term, “Salsa”, originated in America, in the early 1900’s.  It was meant to describe the new music and movements that appeared upbeat, rhythmic, and somewhat sensual.  The Salsa movement was brought to the United States after American soldiers witnessed the dancing and music during the Cuban War of 1898.   

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Welcome to our new blog about salsa dancing and salsa eating and anything else related to salsa!  My wife and I are excited to get this blog started!  Check back soon for some updates!  Until then, here’s a video of some authentic Dominican salsa dancing.  Enjoy!